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Seizing opportunities with automotive intelligence: stock views up 12% since 15 march

Seizing opportunities with automotive intelligence: stock views up 12% since 15 march

Unusual circumstances

All these factors, from exceptional circumstances caused by the virus, distancing measures that affect how many customers can visit the showroom and, despite all this, a major interest in stock models, point in the same direction: there are clear opportunities. So, the real question for dealerships and car companies is how to seize them, especially now that customers are giving showrooms a wide berth. Where can we find the missing piece of the puzzle?

carwow Stock car views

Close the loop

The answer to that question is provided by two tools that can be used to complete the customer journey. In the past, this journey was staggered, consisting of online orientation followed by a visit to the showroom to make a choice. Now, it is essential for dealerships and car companies to offer customers to option of a. finalising the purchase online, while b. having their entire stock online in a heartbeat and c. being able to advise customers online in a real, face-to-face meeting.

Carstock and online consultation

Automotive Intelligence’s Carstock and Online Consultation let you do all three. Carstock is an automated stock management system that enables dealerships and car companies to showcase their entire stock of new, pre-owned and pre-ordered vehicles online by means of digital images. All stock movements are also tracked automatically. In response to the current corona crisis, we have accelerated the development of a new, zero implementation video conferencing feature for this system, with dual control for customer and vendor, which we call the Online Consultation.

Missing piece of the puzzle

Carstock enables customers to view your entire stock of vehicles, while Online Consultation helps them gather all the information they need, just as they’re used to. Together, they won’t just ease any concerns about safety, but will also allow you to plug the gaps that have stood in the way of successfully completing the online customer journey for all this time.


  • Full showroom experience, but remote
  • Customers can visit the showroom on their own time, no installation required
  • High ease of use and fully compliant with current COVID-19 measures
  • Carstock and Online Consultation are fully integrated
  • Available for stock cars, new cars and pre-owned cars
  • Option to send invites to customers who had already scheduled an appointment


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