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Part 2

Automotive Intelligence Insights  <br/> Part 2

This article is part of the weekly Insights Series, in which Automotive Intelligence shares techniques, tips & tricks that you can use to become a better, smarter car salesperson, even in the times of corona. In part 2, we elaborate on the preparation introduced in the previous part; what are some things to keep in mind before planning an Online Consultation and how can you guarantee a sale?


In part 1 of Automotive Intelligence Insights, we talked about new tools, the Online Consultation, and the importance of sound preparation in order to optimise the effectiveness of your new tools. We covered three main issues: 1. the importance of practice in order to develop your skills in using a new medium; 2. how a proactive approach can boost lead creation; and 3. why it is important to put together a detailed quote before starting a conversation. It sounds like a lot of work and you might think it’s all nonsense, but it is an approach that will even help the most experienced sales reps out there. In part 2 of AM-i Insights, we’ll take a closer look at the preparatory phase. Missed part 1? The first article in our Insights series can be found here:

AM-i Insights part 1


We’ve all heard sales reps boast that their customers are people, not numbers, but what does it take to really put this into practice? In part 1, we talked about reduced showroom traffic and how sales reps can use this downtime to dive into the archives. This is what to look for: which customers bought a car in the past two to three years? Once you have made a list of these customers, the trick is to turn simple address details into a story. What’s this client’s story? Which model did they buy at the time? What accessories and options did they purchase? How has their job or family composition changed in the meantime? Did they purchase any additional accessories during check-ups? Has the car been brought in for major maintenance recently? All this information is relevant, as it can be woven into the story that you will use to convince the customer. Ask someone to remember a sequence of ten numbers and they’ll have forgotten it an hour later. Tell them a story and they’ll still be able to echo your words after a year.


Good stories linger, and stories that have been crafted to perfectly match a customer’s life in particular. It is important, then, to make sure to get all the details of your story, or in this case your quote, completely straight. Not all customers bought a tow bar or dog guard together with the car, as some will have purchased them later on, e.g. after a checkup. When preparing a quote, it is always a good idea to check the customer’s maintenance history. Have a colleague take a look at the quote too. In the end, you’ll know exactly which accessories to include in your quote. If a customer frequently uses their tow bar but you neglected to include one in your quote, this might just prompt the customer to decline your kind offer. On the other hand, if a customer asks you about a tow bar and you can answer confidently that it has already been included in the price, you can even get the customer to agree to a higher price, whilst giving you room to negotiate on accessories rather than the price of the car. “After all, this is a very comprehensive offer.” A second example: a recent tune-up. If a customer has just invested € 1000 in their old car, which they might be looking to exchange, discuss your options with the sales manager in advance, so that you know whether you can offer the customer an extra discount.


Selling six cars in as many days sounds pretty enticing, right? It’s possible, but you have to be willing to put in some effort. Before planning an Online Consultation, it’s best to have already completed the preparations we talked about earlier. If you want to guarantee that you’ll sell six cars in six days, you’ll have to find three suitable customers for each car. 6 cars times 3 customers equals 18 quotes to prepare. Why so many’? In our experience, if you offer a car to three customers – aided by a carefully prepared story -, one of the three is guaranteed to be enthusiastic. They’ll be carried along with your enthusiasm. If you want to activate customers who, strictly speaking, are not looking to buy a new car, you will have to rely heavily on finely tuned sales techniques and the ever-tricky X factor. We believe that the X factor lies in a story that customers enjoy listening to because you enjoy telling it.

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Once you’ve done all the necessary research and worked out all your quotes, the time has come to pick up the phone. Let’s look at the steps we’ve discussed so far:

  1. Make a list of customers who have bought a new or pre-owned car in the last 2 or 3 years.
  2. Decide which 6 cars you want to sell.
  3. Check the list to see which customers own a similar car.
  4. Select three customers per car and create a unique quote for each customer.
  5. Complete the quotes with suggestions from colleagues if applicable.
  6. Contact the client by phone to schedule an Online Consultation.

On the phone, tell the customer that you have a very interesting car for them and that you have put together a good offer. Naturally, you want to show the car as well, which is why you’d like to set up an Online Consultation. Confirm the appointment by email and send the customer another message with the link just before the start of the OC. In the next part of AM-i Insights, we’ll take a closer look at these steps and at the actual Online Consultation itself.


Help your colleagues improve their sales skills by sharing your tips with AM-i. If you have a golden tip or approach that works a treat with Online Consultation? Share your experiences by sending an email to and we’ll include them in AM-i Insights.

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