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New: Carstock by Automotive Intelligence

New: Carstock by Automotive Intelligence

Always have your full stock of cars online, including pre-ordered vehicles, with a fully automated system.

  • Structurally more sales
  • Save on interest costs
  • Zero effort

Too good to be true?

On the contrary, several pilots have proven beyond any doubt that dealerships working with Carstock structurally sell more cars. Posting new cars online on time is a time-consuming endeavour, but the fact remains that the more cars you have online, the more cars you will sell. That’s why AM-i presents Carstock: the system that puts all your cars online and takes work off your hands so you sales reps can focus on sales.

Full compatibility

By working with Imagine Studio, we can build digital models of all brands, models and options and generate images that cannot be distinguished from the real thing. These images can then be shown on your own website and on selected car portals, ensuring that your entire stock of new vehicles is always up-to-date and visible to everyone. This approach will generate leads on cars before they are delivered to you, helping you structurally save money on interest costs and boost the turnover rate in your showroom. Win-win.

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Why opt for Carstock by Automotive Intelligence

Zero effort, 100% automatic
Full stock online
More leads
Higher turnover rate
Lower interest
It probably sounds incredible, but it took no time at all for AM-i’s Carstock to literally bury us in more leads than we could handle. Stock and advertising automation with Carstock works, that much is clear.
Maurice Elenbaas afbeelding
Maurice Elenbaas
Marketing Auto Poppe at Auto Poppe
"I have not yet seen such an advanced online sales tool in automotive Europe."
Clem Dickmann afbeelding
Clem Dickmann
CEO at Aumacon Mobility Market Intelligence
“Universal, accessible and complete; You can easily connect Carstock and Online Advice Conversation to your current platform; with immediate results ”
Robin Jongerius afbeelding
Robin Jongerius
Brandmanager at Hans Jongerius
With Carstock from AM-i, our focus is entirely on the customer. All our cars are for sale in real time and our stock is always correct. The result is the first identifiable order within one day.
Alex Vermare
Sales at Tramper Goes
“Now is the time to innovate. AM-i's Carstock and Online Consultation interview ensure that dealers and car companies make full use of their potential, as we see in structural improvements in the pilots and in the enthusiasm of our customers. ”
Sjoerd Schipaanboord afbeelding
Sjoerd Schipaanboord
Automotive strategist at Commandos B.V.
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