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AD.NL: "Buying a car will never be the same again. This is the future”


On 27 April, the Algemeen Dagblad, a Dutch newspaper, featured this headline about the new reality faced by Dutch dealerships and car companies in 2020. Traditional sales are set to suffer from the 1.5 metre economy, with potential buyers avoiding showrooms and expected revenue losses rising to 50%. A drastic decline, indeed, but one that will force companies to make a change.

Paul de Vries, automotive expert at Digital Car Dealer Workshop, agrees:




There are several ways in which the Dutch automotive industry has upped its efforts:

  • contact via WhatsApp
  • home test drives
  • contactless home delivery
  • online payment, and of course;
  • video calls to advise and inform customers.


However, the article printed in the Algemeen Dagblad only talked about simple videoconferencing applications such as Zoom or Skype, whereas dealerships and companies using AM-i’s Online Consultation have access to a much wider range of features. With Carstock, customers can view the entire stock of cars held by a dealership or car company. After a customer has chosen a particular model, Online Consultation can be used to set up an interactive session with the customer and a sales rep, who can then guide the customer through the process while suggesting and making changes on the same screen.


Paul de Vries has the following to say about online sales of new cars:

“Innovation is still scarce when it comes to selling new cars. Existing brands aren’t confident enough to make the switch to online, because they want to keep welcoming people to their big showrooms and think the general public isn’t ready yet. New players such as Byton, Polestar, Lynk & Co and Maxus, following in Tesla’s footsteps, have an important role to play in this breakthrough.”



In reality, though, this breakthrough has already been made, as AM-i Carstock works with new and pre-owned vehicles alike. Thanks to next-gen Carstock stock management and true-to-life digital images, companies can even offer cars before they are delivered to the dealership. Because Carstock is fully compatible with Online Consultation, dealerships and car companies can now easily offer and sell their new and pre-owned cars online, without customers having to leave their homes. In fact, several major brands and dealer organisations have already started offering their new cars in the very same way.


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